One Word Stories

We're Margo & Emma Gibbs, a mother-daughter writing team currently exploring undersea adventures, dystopian futures and matters of the heart.

Our first book is Mirabella the Mermaid Detective!

In the warm clear waters of the Pacific lies an enchanting, underwater city called Muria; a place of towering high-rise coral apartments and beautiful coral houses of all colours, shapes and sizes. 

Muria is home to a huge variety of amazing sea creatures, many of whom help to keep the city clean, and also to a special group of merfolk called the Murians.

With their brightly coloured tails and long beautiful hair, the Murian mermaids and mermen live in harmony alongside the other residents of this wonderful underwater world. However there is one young mermaid who is different from the others, a unique and remarkable girl called Mirabella.

With her wavy long brown hair, caramel-coloured skin and sandy-coloured tail, Mirabella is not like any other mermaid her age. 

Rather than spending time with the other mermaids, taking care of her hair or gossiping amongst the boulder-shaped coral bommies, Mirabella prefers to spend her time on adventures with the wonderful sea creatures of Muria.

Incredibly curious and very smart, Mirabella loves exploring the amazing world around her, but most of all, she loves to solve mysteries. That’s why she is known as Mirabella the Mermaid Detective.
  • 11 February 2013
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